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The #4 Trimet bus runs between St. Johns and Gresham.

On the road: From St. Johns to Gresham on the bus

For the latest in our "On The Road" series, we decided to travel on public transportation. We took a city bus in Portland — TriMet's Line 4 — from St. Johns in North Portland all the way to Gresham.

Storm with his handler, Will Johnson.

On The Road: Hoofing It On Sandy Boulevard

We wanted to get a better feel for Portland's own Sandy Boulevard. And so we decided to walk it — all the way from its origin, near the corner of SE 7th and Alder, to The Grotto, out at NE 85th.  

Kacie and Steven Price, and Linda Weymeyer at Perrin's Past and Present antique shop. Steven said he wasn't looking to buy anything specific, but had come to barter. "I just like to trade and I like the company."

‘On the road': Malin to Chiloquin

From the California border through Klamath Falls, we talked to people in hardware stores, diners, mobile home parks and campgrounds.

Clint Barber has owned Rhodes Supply since 1988. He says people buy a lot more bottled water these days than they used to — and a lot less soda pop.

On The Road: Pendleton To John Day – US Route 395

U.S. Route 395 runs from Los Angeles all the way north to the Canadian border. On its way through Oregon, 395 passes through three National Forests, several wildlife refuges, and numerous small towns that dot the Eastern Oregon landscape.

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