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Illustration of a deer standing in a forest on a south facing hill, overlooking the Oregon and California border. Dense suburbs populated the California side of the border.

Inside the fight between Oregon leaders to create a revolutionary growth management system

In the 1970s, Oregonians looked to California and didn't want the same fate for their state A new crop of young legislators in Salem saw an opportunity to advance an ambitious agenda. It took nearly a decade to put in place a system that has some of the strongest protections in the U.S. for farms, forests and other open spaces.

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‘OPB Politics Now’: Examining the police leaks aimed at Jo Ann Hardesty

Someone within the Portland Police Bureau is trying to smear Jo Ann Hardesty, and now city leaders say they’re investigating. In this episode, we look at the bitter relationship between a city commissioner and the city’s police force.

'OPB Politics Now': Money, Money, Money

Host Julie Sabatier talks with OPB political reporters Chris Lehman and Jeff Mapes about Oregon’s budget picture, and how it could be affected by federal action on health care and international trade. 

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