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Kay "The Lightbulb Lady" Newell has owned and operated the iconic Sunlan Lighting store on N. Mississippi for decades.

Meet The Lightbulb Lady Of Portland

Tourists come from as far as Tokyo to gaze upon Sunlan Lighting's electric glow, and its owner, Kay “The Lightbulb Lady” Newell is happy to greet them. Well, sort of.

The Moving Mountains team for the Kilimanjaro excursion included four patients, 11 team members and an 83-person support team.

Where’s Your Kilimanjaro?

Multiple myeloma patients, supporters, doctors and caregivers climb some of the world’s most difficult mountains to show how recent advancements in treatment are helping patients.

“Steady Betty” Herlocker and Kendra “Red Fury” McDonald are the only all-women sidecar racing team in the country.

The Most Exciting Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

Traditionally, men have dominated sidecar racing, but “Steady Betty” Herlocker and her monkey Kendra “Red Fury” McDonald, America’s first all-women sidecar racing team, are challenging that.

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