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It’s a star party in Eastern Oregon

Every year, stargazers from all over the country gather in the Oregon desert to bond over a love of dark nights and starry skies. The lack of light pollution in this part of Eastern Oregon makes this one of the best spots in the nation to view an intense tapestry of constellations, planets and stars.

A hiker carrying a backpack looks towards a dusty trail, mountains and blue sky.

Dream of ‘American Perimeter Trail’ still alive for Bend backpacker

Bend resident Rue McKenrick wants to create a hiking trail that connects the contiguous United States. He set out last year to hike the whole thing and made it about 10,000 miles before weather conditions and health problems forced him to come back to Bend. Now, he’s heading back to North Dakota to pick up where he left off.

Crater Lake camping.

Oregon Field Guide Favorite Places 2017

“Hey, what’s your favorite place in Oregon?” That’s probably the most frequently asked question we hear on our travels while working for "Oregon Field Guide."

Ultralight Hikers Do More With Less

Clint “Lint” Bunting is an ultralight backpacker whose entire life on the trail fits into a pack that weighs just 8 pounds.