Police Brutality

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Oregon politicians have struggled to keep promises after George Floyd’s murder

Whether efforts to address systemic racism taken since last year mark the beginnings of the transformative evolution or are incremental changes around the edges of a broken system depends on your perspective. But what is clear is that no one believes the conversation around racism and the criminal justice system is finished.

Two men sit together at a table in a courtroom. One is unmasked and speaks into a microphone while the other wears a mask. Behind them, two women can be seen, both wearing masks.

Chauvin won’t testify at murder trial in Floyd’s death

The defense at the murder trial of former Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd has rested its case without putting Chauvin on the stand, wrapping up after two days of testimony to the prosecution’s two weeks

A person in judges robes gestures with his hands while seated in a courtroom at a desk with computer monitors

Expert blames George Floyd’s death on heart rhythm problem

A retired forensic pathologist says George Floyd died from a sudden heart rhythm problem due to his heart disease while being restrained by police officers, not because former Officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee in Floyd's neck