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Portland’s mayor pledged to keep homeless campers off busy roads. It’s not quite working

OPB visited 10 sites in March and April swept since Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's Feb. 4 order. Despite the mayor's vow that people moved could not return to their old campsites, many seem to have done exactly that. Others have moved to different but equally dangerous roadways. And, some, like Gordon Muma Jr. and his friend Lenny Ronk, have shifted mere feet.

Portland mayor bans homeless camping near busy roads

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said this is the start of a more focused effort to use his executive powers to address the city’s homelessness crisis. His plan quickly generated outrage among homeless and transportation advocates

Portland, DOJ reach tentative agreement on body cameras and police oversight

Portland and U.S. Department of Justice have reached an agreement on a proposed new section to the 2014 settlement agreement guiding the police bureau’s use of force, and lays out steps that pave the way forward on a number of thorny issues the city, police union and federal prosecutors have been trying to resolve since the city fell out of compliance in April 2021.