Republican National Convention

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Day 4 at the RNC: Trump, Ivanka and Rudy Giuliani

President Donald Trump has popped up multiple times during this week’s Republican National Convention, but his big moment is scheduled to come Thursday night when he is to make his case for another four years in the White House.


What to watch: With the Republican National Convention, it’s Trump’s turn

Republicans will renominate the president and highlight four years of the Trump administration and promises he delivered on, such as overturning business regulations, pulling out of international agreements, appointing two U.S. Supreme Court justices and transforming the U.S. immigration system.

Why Do Conventions Matter?

The Democratic and Republican national conventions are the single biggest spectacles in American politics. But if we already know who the party nominees will be, why do we have conventions?

OPB Politics Now: Trump Salad At The RNC

Think Out Loud Host Dave Miller and OPB's Political Reporter Jeff Mapes look at Donald Trump's acceptance speech in Cleveland through a Northwest lens.