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Oregon tries to tweak land-use rules to save Highway 101

Highway 101, the backbone of Oregon’s coastal transportation system, is in a sorry state. In several spots, tarmac is crumbling into the ocean. But the state is having trouble repairing it because doing so runs contrary to Oregon’s powerful land-use rules. So now, authorities want to tweak the rules despite the failure of past efforts.

Clark County leaders object to prospect of tolls on I-5 bridge replacement

Clark County has signaled its support of a project to build a new Interstate 5 bridge crossing the Columbia River but its council added some conditions, asking for no tolls to be placed on the bridge or options for mass transit. The county has little jurisdiction but the move could be a sign of tensions that may lie ahead.

An ODOT maintenance crew fills potholes on Highway 26.

Represented: Fixing And Funding Oregon's Roads

We hit the road — literally — to see how a pothole is filled and find out how that kind of routine road maintenance fits into the huge transportation package lawmakers are putting together.

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