The Circuit

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A tracking device inside an old printer led the Basel Action Network to this scrapyard in rural Hong Kong.

NW E-Cycle Programs Tested By Electronic Waste Exports

News of a major Northwest recycler's illicit e-waste exports stunned state regulators and auditors, showing their limited ability to ensure e-waste is handled properly in a complex and global industry.  


Dongxia Su and Jim Puckett peek over the fence of an e-waste scrapyard in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

The Hunt For Toxic E-Waste In Hong Kong Scrapyards

A mini-documentary about a Seattle non-profit that deploys hidden GPS trackers to find out if pledges are being kept to process hazardous electronics in the U.S. when American consumers take them to be recycled.

Producer Katie Campbell reporting in the New Territories of Hong Kong on the journey e-waste takes from the U.S.

How We Did It: Reporting 'The Circuit'

Here's what happened when two EarthFix producers decided to follow the trail of electronic waste in its afterlife. The quest took them to rural outposts outside of Hong Kong.

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