Timber Wars

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‘Timber Wars’ bonus episode: Wildfire

The fight over wildfire and forest management is the newest front in the Timber Wars, so after a year of record fires, we take a deep dive into OPB's reporting on wildfire and what we should do about it.

Some woodpeckers, like Black-backed (pictured) and Lewis's, are identified by scientists as "fire dependent" because they only flourish in forests after fire.

‘Timber Wars’ episode 7: A way forward

A group of loggers and environmentalists have found some semblance of common ground in the midst of the Timber Wars.

What’s changed in Oregon since the Timber Wars?

What's changed in the 30 years since Oregon was thrust into the spotlight during the "Timber Wars"? Three "Oregon Field Guide" stories reflect on the spotted owl, the culture of the timber community of Philomath and whether one successful effort to find a compromise in John Day can reveal a path forward.

‘Timber Wars’ episode 1: The last stand

The behind-the-scenes story of how a small group of activists and scientists turned the fight over ancient trees and the spotted owl into one of the biggest environmental conflicts of the 20th century.