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A man in Trail Blazers uniform lifts a basketball and prepares to shoot as a person behind him looks on wearing a 76ers uniform.

Blazers fans reflect on Damian Lillard’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks

Lillard spent 11 years with the Portland Trail Blazers as a star player and became the team's leading all-time scorer. As he prepares to leave his longtime team behind, fans shared their favorite memories of Dame, both on and off the court.

A person in a Golden State Warriors uniform reaches above a person in a Portland Trail Blazers uniform who holds a basketball and runs on a court.

Portland Trail Blazers preseason ends with a rough start

Following trades, injuries and issues with team management, the Portland Trail Blazers have had an eventful past year. Mike Richman, host of a daily blazers podcast, joins us to break down the events last year and what's next for the Blazers this season.