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Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country?

A lawsuit filed last week in Mississippi follows a similar one last year in North Dakota, both brought in heavily Republican states before conservative federal courts. Democratic and voting rights groups are concerned about the potential impact beyond those two states if a judge rules that deadlines for receiving mailed ballots that stretch past Election Day, Nov. 5, violate federal law.

Cars travel along Interstate 5 through Portland, Ore., Friday, Nov. 1, 2019.

Portland City Council will consider sending gas tax renewal to voters in 2024

Portland City Commissioner Mingus Mapps, who oversees the city’s transportation bureau, said he plans on asking his colleagues on City Council to refer the tax to the May 2024 ballot. The 10-cent-per-gallon tax could generate an estimated $70.5 million over a four-year period on programs that improve Portland’s streets.

Brookings City Council to appoint new members, rankling recall campaigners

The city's charter says if the number of vacancies on the council exceeds the number of members, those vacancies shall be filled by a special election. With three of the council's five members recalled, Brookings voters expected a special election to fill the vacated seats with new members. However, city councilors found an alternative.

Washington Democrats back proposal to make voting legally required

Numerous Democrats in the Washington Legislature are backing a new proposal to make voting in elections compulsory. Citizens are required by law to cast ballots in about 25 counties, but in no other U.S. states. Republicans in Olympia described the idea as "un-American."