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Feds say offshore wind-farm work not to blame for East Coast whale deaths

Federal environmental and energy officials say there is no evidence that work done by the offshore wind power industry is killing whales in the northeastern U.S. On Wednesday, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management addressed the controversy surrounding a spate of whale deaths on the East Coast that some groups suspect may have been caused by site preparation work for offshore wind farms.

Record numbers of Bigg’s killer whale sightings and humpback calves in Salish Sea

Whale watchers have spotted a record number of humpback calves in inland Pacific Northwest waters this season. There was also a record streak of Bigg's killer whale sightings that just ended, according to a local whale research nonprofit. Those observations offer some good news to offset the ongoing concern about the survival of the Northwest's iconic, but critically endangered resident orcas.

Oregon expedition looks for new species of beaked whale

An Oregon research team is on its way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to look for a potentially new species of beaked whale. These shy whales live in remote parts of the ocean, hunting squid at extreme depths.