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Finland, Sweden move closer to seeking NATO membership

Finland’s government has declared a “new era” is underway after announcing its intention to seek NATO membership, hours before Sweden’s governing party backed a plan to join the trans-Atlantic alliance amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.


New generation of Marcos, Duterte set to lead Philippines

The powerful alliance between the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the daughter of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte is set to usher in six years of governance in the Philippines that are concerning to human rights activists.

Amazon tribes turn the tables on intruders with social media

A fast-expanding network of antennae is empowering Indigenous groups to use phones, video cameras and social media to galvanize the public and pressure authorities to respond swiftly to threats from gold miners, landgrabbers and loggers.

Civilians rescued from Mariupol steel plant head for safety

The first civilians evacuated from the bombed-out steel plant that has become the last stronghold of Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol are slowly making their way toward safety Monday, as others who managed to escape the city describe terrifying weeks of bombardment and deprivation.