The Lewis & Clark Expedition was a pivotal moment in American history. But the story of York, a slave to William Clark from boyhood and comrade on this journey, has been obscured by omission and stereotype.

An artists' rendering of York, the only Black member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and a slave of William Clark.

An artists' rendering of York, the only Black member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and a slave of William Clark.

Courtesy of Michael Haynes

York’s personal story is not well known, though the story of Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery is. How is it that we as a culture remember some pieces of history and not others? Some of what we know about York comes from the oral histories of various native peoples who encountered York as the Corps made its way across the continent. Other pieces of information about York’s role come from William Clark’s journals and letters.

When the Expedition returns to the Eastern United States, York’s life becomes even more controversial. Denied his freedom by Clark, historians continue to disagree over two versions of York’s ultimate fate. “Oregon Experience: Searching for York,” paints a portrait of this unofficial member of the Corps of Discovery as it explores the ways in which history is written. Shot on location at Fort Vancouver and Fort Clatsop, the program is an engaging and provocative look at a man shrouded in mystery.



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Broadcast Date: August 05, 2010


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