At OPB we are committed to cultivating employment, educational and engagement opportunities to amplify voices from all parts of our region.

We’re working to become the region’s most trusted primary news source. When there is something important happening that impacts you, your neighbors, or your environment, we will be there.

We believe that public media is a community resource that thrives with the support and contributions of the community. OPB’s content is made possible by generous donors. OPB’s stories are made richer by the variety of voices and ideas from all parts of our region. We have opportunities for community members to volunteer their time and skills. We offer paid educational opportunities for early-career journalists and other professionals. And we hire intelligent, passionate journalists, producers, fundraisers, and others to join our public service mission. Listeners, readers and viewers across the Pacific Northwest respect our integrity and trust that stories will be told with fairness and accuracy; trust in OPB means access for our journalists.