Christmas Flood 1964: '7 Feet Of Water In The House'

Fifty years ago this week, some riverside residents of Western Oregon had to make a hard shift from preparing for Christmas to preparing to evacuate their homes.

Photo: The Oregon Historical Society. Photo from The Oregonian, June 6, 1941.

Oregon Historical Photo: Oyster Evolution

Overharvesting decimated native populations of oysters growing in bays along Oregon’s coastline. Find out how resourceful oystermen revolutionized the industry through persistent experimentation.

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Oregon Experience

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From shanghaied sailors to opium dens, Portland’s illicit past is legendary. But how much of it is true? Portland Noir examines Old Town’s sordid history.

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Sallie Ford at OPB

Watch Sallie Ford's new band play a rocking set from their release, Slap Back. They're at the Wonder Ballroom Saturday night.

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Oregon Historical Photo: Oyster Evolution

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