Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum secures reelection

By Conrad Wilson (OPB)
Nov. 4, 2020 4:10 a.m. Updated: Nov. 4, 2020 5:45 a.m.

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Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum cruised to a reelection victory, retaining her office for a third term.


Rosenblum, a Democrat, has held the top attorney’s job in Oregon since 2013. During her re-election campaign, she pointed to her past term as one in which she challenged the Trump administration through more than 20 federal lawsuits on a variety of issues. Her office also worked to strengthen hate crime laws in the state.

“Feeling great, but it’s a big responsibility and I don’t take it lightly,” Rosenblum told OPB on Tuesday night. “Hopefully, I’m not going to have to sue the federal government quite as often as I’ve had to the last four years. We’ll see how that goes.”

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Under Rosenblum, the Oregon Department of Justice has signed onto more than 20 lawsuits targeting actions taken by the Trump administration. Though Rosenblum’s most recent term had moments in which she drew criticism — such as when the attorney general’s office defended Oregon’s nonunanimous jury law — Rosenblum did not face significant challenges in her reelection bid.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in Salem, Oregon, on Feb. 17, 2015.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in Salem, Oregon, on Feb. 17, 2015.

Alan Sylvestre / OPB

Her opponent, Republican Michael Cross, is a political activist who does not hold a law degree or have any legal experience. Cross is best known for a failed 2019 effort to recall Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. His campaign struggled to raise significant funds to challenge Rosenblum.

The attorney general said in her next term, she would like to examine whether her office can play a role in the independent review of police shootings.

“Oregonians want an Attorney General who is going prioritize what I’ve been doing over the last eight years,” she said Tuesday night. “In particular, to stand up for the most vulnerable in our state, to be the momma bear for the state of Oregon, to defend our civil rights and to work towards building a more inclusive Oregon where access to justice is prioritized."

Rosenblum said between the racial justice protests, COVID-19 and the historic wildfires, the last year has shown equality has been overlooked in the past.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily been enough on the list,” she said.

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