The curious case of Dillon the Pickle

By Chris Gonzalez (OPB)
Feb. 8, 2022 7:11 p.m. Updated: Feb. 8, 2022 10:17 p.m.

The Portland-based developmental summer league baseball team has reported their mascot missing. But is he really?

The Portland Pickles mascot

The Portland Pickles mascot, Dillon the Pickle. Team officials say the mascot's costume was misplaced on the way from a Caribbean trip. The team is also known for clever use of social media. Is Dillon really missing?

Photo courtesy of the Portland Pickles

The Portland Pickles’ famous mascot, Dillon the Pickle, is missing.


Or so they say.

According to Parker Huffman, the team’s assistant general manager, Dillon the Pickle was in the Caribbean just two weeks ago. He was there with team general manager Ross Campbell. They were engaging with fans for a Caribbean baseball series.

Then, Huffman says, airline crews lost Dillon’s costume on the flight back from the Dominican Republic.


“Dillon got through customs,” Huffman said, “And that was the last they saw of him.”

The Pickles, known for clever publicity stunts and for joking around on social media, say that despite how it might look, Dillon’s plight is real.

“We knew that it would get a decent amount of attention when we put it out there. But when we initially did put it out there, it didn’t get the reactions that we were thinking,” Huffman said. “It took us a couple of additional tweets to say, ‘no, we know that we joke around a lot, but this actually is a real, this is not a stunt.’”

The Pickles would like to have Dillon back ASAP. Ideally, Huffman says, Dillon would return in time for the University of Portland basketball team’s mascot night later this month.

But even with their famous mascot’s costume M.I.A, Pickles officials aren’t too worried.

“We’re gonna remain calm and optimistic,” Huffman said, “Dillon is a very resilient pickle. We’re pretty confident we’re gonna be able to get him back in one piece.”


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