Ten people shot in Portland during string of unrelated shootings in 24-hour period

By April Ehrlich (OPB)
May 29, 2022 5:42 p.m.

Ten people were struck by gunfire in separate shootings across Portland, east of the Willamette River, in a 24-hour period starting early Friday morning, according to police.

One person was killed in the St. Johns neighborhood. In two other incidents, a possibly houseless person was shot by a stray bullet, and a 62-year-old woman was struck while she was sleeping in her home.

  • Just before 3 a.m. Friday, two people were shot during a confrontation between two groups of people near Southeast 128th Avenue and Southeast Sherman Street. One person was critically injured, and another person suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.
  • Shortly after 6 a.m. Friday, police found a man had died in a house following a shooting near George Middle School in the St. Johns neighborhood. Police are investigating the shooting as a homicide.
  • Close to 6 p.m. Friday, people arguing near a homeless encampment in North Portland resulted in gunfire. It’s not clear how many people fired shots. One person involved in the altercation was struck, but they weren’t critically injured. Another person — a woman who was exiting a tent nearby — was struck by a stray bullet and was seriously injured.
  • Shortly after 6 p.m., police responded to a call about shots fired on Southeast 71st Avenue near Powell Boulevard. Police say someone connected to this shooting was later treated at a hospital.
  • Close to 11 p.m. that night, hospital workers treated a person who said they were robbed at gunpoint and shot near Southeast Holgate Boulevard and Southeast 113th Avenue. Police said they aren’t able to locate the area where the shooting took place and they have “no corroboration.”
  • Shortly after midnight on Saturday, multiple people shot at each other, leaving 20 casings scattered across the ground near Woodlawn Elementary School on Northeast 11th Avenue. A 62-year-old woman was struck by a stray bullet as she was sleeping. She was not seriously injured and was treated at a hospital.
  • Around 1 a.m. Saturday, two people were injured in a shooting at a parking lot at the intersection of Southeast 48th Avenue and Southeast Hawthorne Street. One person was critically injured.

There were also two other shooting incidents in which no one was injured. One involved a resident near Northeast 92nd Avenue, who was shot at after they confronted someone breaking into a car. In another incident near Northeast 21st Avenue, an employee was the target of gunfire after they found someone in a scrap metal dumpster.

Portland police did not identify suspects in any of the shootings nor did they report any arrests.