Crystal  Ligori
Crystal  Ligori

Crystal Ligori


Crystal Ligori hosts of "All Things Considered" and narrates OPB's digital food series "Superabundant". She also produces the weekly radio program "Literary Arts: The Archive Project."

Before joining OPB, Crystal worked the active rock station KUFO in Portland. In addition to her on-air role, she was the interim music director and hosted a weekly, local music show. Before moving to Portland, Crystal worked on-air at modern music station KZZU in Spokane, Washington, and hosted the "Footbridge Forum" at KBGA in Missoula, Montana.

Crystal earned her degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Montana. While there, she earned a Society of Professional Journalists award for television feature reporting, a Hearst Journalism Award for broadcast news radio features, and shares a regional Emmy nomination for the documentary "Testing Times: Montana’s Struggle to Leave No Child Behind", for which she was a segment producer and narrator. Crystal is also a freelance voiceover artist.

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