Kami Horton
Kami Horton

Kami Horton

 Kami Horton is a writer and producer for OPB's historical documentary series “Oregon Experience.”   

Previously, she worked on OPB and PBS productions including Caprial & John’s Kitchen, the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, the New Heroes, and Pink Martini: Discover the World.   Kami began her broadcasting career as a journalist in Southern Oregon.

She also shot and produced videos in Russia and Belgium.

Her work has been recognized with several Telly awards, NW Regional Emmys, Western Writers of America awards, Society of Professional Journalists awards, and a CINE Golden Eagle, among others.  

She has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Southern Oregon University and a master’s degree in Nonfiction Writing from Portland State University.  

She is a seventh generation Oregonian and passionate about history.

Latest Stories

‘In the Shadow of Fairview’

Twenty years ago, the last resident left Fairview Training Center. It closed in 2000 amid lawsuits and investigations. But for nearly 100 years, Fairview was Oregon's primary institution for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For many residents, it was the only home they ever knew. For others, it was a living nightmare.


Eugenics — In The Shadow Of Fairview

Over a period of 60 years, the state forcibly sterilized over 2,6000 Oregonians. From 1923 to 1983, Oregon law allowed for compulsory sterilization of those deemed unfit for reproduction. It was part of a broader eugenics movement to remove “undesirable” individuals from the gene pool.

The institution — In The Shadow Of Fairview

For nearly 100 years, Fairview was Oregon's primary institution for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Twenty years ago, the last resident left as the center closed amid lawsuits and investigations.

People First — In The Shadow Of Fairview

More than 40 years ago, a small group of Oregon teenagers with developmental disabilities helped launch a global self-advocacy movement. Residents of a state-run institution started holding regular meetings to support each other. Together they formed the organization People First.

Coming home — In The Shadow Of Fairview

The cremated remains of more than 3,500 Oregonians
sit unclaimed in the state’s custody. They are the forgotten and abandoned residents of Oregon’s state institutions. But now, some are finally making it home.

Residents tend to a strawberry patch in a Portland, Ore., "Victory Garden" in 1946.

The History Of Gardens In Times Of Turmoil

Spring weather and extra time at home may have you thinking about putting in or tending to a garden. It’s something past generations always did in times of turmoil.

Oregon’s Moon Country

The next Oregon Experience returns to Central Oregon's Moon Country, where NASA astronauts trained to walk on the moon.

Oregon's Black Pioneers

From fur trappers and explorers to farmers and merchants, African-Americans have helped shape the state, even as white settlers tried to force them out. "Oregon Experience" examines the largely unknown history of Oregon’s black pioneers.