Scott Greenstone


Scott Greenstone is a production assistant with Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, Think Out Loud. 

He worked as a reporter for The News-Review in Roseburg and as an undergraduate research fellow with the UNESCO Crossings Institute at University of Oregon. Scott is currently studying journalism at UO.

A semi-rehabilitated ex-homeschooler, Scott is constantly curious about how normal people operate.

Latest Stories


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We'll talk to the man who wants to bring a new, cheaper electric vehicle. Two Oregon lawmakers join us to discuss possible legislative action in response to the massacre in Orlando and other mass shootings. And we end the hour with a conversation with the oldest living performing drag queen in the country. 

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In the wake of the Orlando shooting, we talk to a gay Christian reform activist about religion and sexuality. We also learn about new plans that might allow for denser residential development in close-in Portland. And we hear from one of the last speakers of the native language Ichishkiin.

Plastics and metals from dismantled electronics await their turn to enter a machine that shreds and sorts them into commodity type.

E-Waste Recycling | Subversive Comics | Surviving HIV

Just where do the electronics you take to be recycled end up? Also, we talk to UO professor Ben Saunders about the power of comics to address what might be considered subversive topics. And we talk to an Oregonian who has lived with HIV for over 30 years.