Tiffany Camhi
Tiffany Camhi

Tiffany Camhi


Tiffany Camhi is the "All Things Considered" host for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

She spent six years at KQED Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she hosted "Weekend Edition", produced and directed "The California Report" and reported for KQED News. She's filed stories for National Public Radio Newscasts, NPR's "Here and Now" and Public Radio International's "The World".

Tiffany is an alumni of the City University of New York, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.

When Tiffany's not on the radio you can usually find her riding a motorcycle or trying to figure out a way to talk about motorcycles on the radio.

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A group of volunteers who call themselves PDX Housing Solidarity Project helps connect people with ample resources to Black and Indigenous homebuyers in Portland. Amid a statewide housing crisis and in a city that has been historically hostile to Black, Indigenous and other people of color, the group sees their work as both mutual aid and as a form of reparations.

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