Tiffany Camhi
Tiffany Camhi

Tiffany Camhi


Tiffany Camhi is the "All Things Considered" host for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

She spent six years at KQED Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she hosted "Weekend Edition", produced and directed "The California Report" and reported for KQED News. She's filed stories for National Public Radio Newscasts, NPR's "Here and Now" and Public Radio International's "The World".

Tiffany is an alumni of the City University of New York, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.

When Tiffany's not on the radio you can usually find her riding a motorcycle or trying to figure out a way to talk about motorcycles on the radio.

Latest Stories


How Oregon’s GOP governor teamed up with hippies to throw a festival and prevent clashes in the streets

In August of 1970, at the height of the Vietnam War, President Richard Nixon was slated to come to Portland, and so were thousands of antiwar protesters. That's when some young liberal Oregonians teamed up with Republican Gov. Tom McCall on a plan to lure thousands of potential antiwar demonstrators into the woods for a weekend of rock 'n' roll and avoid a projected violent clash in the City of Roses. This is the story of Oregon Vortex 1: A Biodegradable Festival of Life.

How Oregon named a county after a Confederate sympathizer

Efforts to rename institutions with racist underpinnings such as schools, military bases and sports teams are happening across the country. In Oregon, there’s a movement to change the name of Lane County, which is dedicated to Joseph Lane, the first governor of the Oregon Territory.

Living statues in Portland push a satirical response to Trump administration actions

As controversial monuments and statues are coming down across the U.S., in Portland, a new set of statues went up, if only for a few hours. The project used actors covered head-to-toe in gold paint to depict recent Trump Administration actions in a satirical light. It’s called the Trump Statue Initiative and was conceived by director and activist Bryan Buckley.