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Campaign 2022
Connected, Empowered Communities

"What's at stake is the truth itself."

- Sandy Rowe

Independent Journalist, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Fact-based journalism
is essential

In these transformative times, factual, quality journalism is more important than ever. People need information that connects and empowers—stories that point us to the future. These times demand that we step up and take action.

To succeed, we need your help.

  • Our Vision
  • When OPB celebrates its centennial in 2022, we need to be ready for our next 100 years of service. Through this campaign, we will create a stronger OPB—a partner to people all across the region—connecting everyone regardless of status, geography, or beliefs.

  • Our Goals
  • We're expanding our services to ensure that the region's most important news and in-depth stories come to light. This campaign will help us produce:

    •  More original OPB stories shared in even more places—and with other news organizations—connecting a wider, more diverse range of news consumers.
    •   New programs and offerings, such as new podcasts.
    •  More work in the community to engage more people around the Northwest’s most fascinating people and pressing issues.
    •  More investigative journalism with significant public impact.

This is the culmination of a major effort.

We've already added new reporting covering equity, race and identity; breaking news; science and discovery; rural communities; business and entrepreneurship; state and regional government, politics, and policy.

We’re transforming our facilities and systems to enable this major expansion of original stories.

Campaign 2022: Impact

Starting from a single radio studio in Corvallis, we’ve grown into an award-winning team of reporters and producers covering topics throughout the region. We deliver in-depth journalism and storytelling all day, every day on television, radio, through social media, and right to your phone. Help us write the next 100-year chapter.


support fact-based journalism

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Please join our ambassadors who support this important campaign.

Amy Tykeson
Bend, OR
OPB board member, former executive at Bend Broadband and HBO
“There's just so much disruption in the media ecosystem right now. OPB is doing its part, adding more news desks and reporters stationed around the area-while investing in new ways to deliver news and information.”
Max Williams
Beaverton, OR
President and CEO, The Oregon Community Foundation
“Supporting further nonprofit journalism is one of the best ways to invest collectively to ensure that we have a robust free press that serves us a democracy.”
Avel Gordly
Portland, OR
Former Oregon State Legislator
“Having served on OPB’s board of directors, I’ve had the opportunity to see up-close OPB’s commitment to serving the entire public, free of charge. This effort carries that commitment forward for the next generation.”
Sandy Rowe
Portland, OR
Chairman, Committee to Protect Journalists & Former Editor, The Oregonian
“We must have fact-based journalism in order for democracy to thrive, especially today.”
Tinker Hatfield
Portland, OR
VP of Design and Innovation Concepts for Nike, Inc. & Co-Founder of Brand Jordan
"In an age of cavalier and sometimes biased dissemination of information and news, OPB stands above the fray with integrity and high standards."
Jordan Schnitzer
Portland, OR
President, Harsch Investment Properties & Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation
“Our family has been and will continue to be a major supporter of OPB. We need to stand together to support and treasure the arts, culture, history, and objective political reporting.”
Roberta Lavadour
Pendleton, OR
Artist / Executive Director, Pendleton Center for the Arts
“Living out in eastern Oregon, it's important to stay in touch with what's going on across the state. OPB is the media outlet I can rely on to keep me truly connected.”
Nkenge Harmon Johnson
Salem, OR
President and CEO, Urban League of Portland
“As we face increasing polarization, trusted information is needed more than ever. This is a critical time to expand OPB’s journalism and bring together people and communities across our region.”
Shahriar Ahmed
Portland, OR
Engineer, Intel Corp. & President, Bilal Mosque Association
“OPB is different from the rest. Its work hearkens to the journalism of Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite. Murrow said: ‘To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.’ Support for OPB is support for the truth.”

OPB's board of directors fully supports this campaign.

Betsy Cramer
Portland, OR
Amy Tykeson
Bend, OR
Linda Hoffman
Portland, OR
Rukaiyah Adams
Portland, OR
Karen Anderson
Bend, OR
Jesse Beason
Portland, OR
Roger Cooke
Portland, OR
Rebecca (Becky) DeCesaro
Portland, OR
Elisa Dozono
Portland, OR
Colin Evans
Portland, OR
Bobbie Dore Foster
Portland, OR
Kathleen George
Grand Ronde, OR
Mike Golub
Portland, OR
Susan Hammer
Portland, OR
Mark Holloway
Portland, OR
Jenn Lynch
Portland, OR
Sean O’Hollaren
Portland, OR
Sandy Rowe
Portland, OR
Ron Saxton
Portland, OR
Lisa Skari
Gresham, OR
Paul Speer
Vancouver, WA
William R. (Bill) Swindells
Neskowin, OR
John Tapogna
Portland, OR
Dave Vernier
Portland, OR
Lee Weinstein
The Dalles, OR