SLIDESHOW: Tour the Facebook data center in Prineville.

Facebook announced plans Tuesday to build its third data center in Prineville, five years after first breaking ground in Central Oregon. 

The announcement comes after the city of Prineville agreed to a new tax deal for Facebook last week.

Similar to agreements for Prineville’s other two Facebook data centers, the latest deal allows certain property taxes to be deferred for 15 years. In exchange, Facebook provides a lump sum payment to the city in lieu of taxes each year.

Ken Patchett, Director of Data Center Operations for Facebook, posted about the new center on Facebook. He says the new center represents an additional capital investment in excess of $200 million for the company.

“Today, there are 147 people working here – with 85 percent living in Crook County,” wrote Patchett. “Our goals in both construction and the operation of Facebook’s data center in Prineville have always been to make Prineville a priority, be a great neighbor, and assist with the area’s economic development.”

In an interview following the passage of the city resolution, Prineville Mayor Betty Roppe said the new data center is an important economic development for the city.  

“As part of the agreement they agreed to pay 150 percent of the usual and customary wage in the city of Prineville”, said Roppe. “So it’s definitely a boon for us.” 

Apple may also be close to announcing another Crook County facility. County judge Mike McCabe says the county has been in conversation with the company, and expects a deal with Apple very soon.

“We haven’t finalized it yet,” said McCabe. “But that is forthcoming. We think that its imminent.”