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Oregon Fines Seafood Facility In Astoria For Labor Violations

Spanish version (versión en español): Fábrica En Astoria Es Multada Por Violaciones Laborales

A recent investigation by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry revealed thousands of labor violations committed at a seafood processing facility in Astoria.

BOLI’s newly-formed Proactive Investigation and Enforcement Unit uncovered that Da Yang Seafood failed to pay overtime to its workers. The company also didn’t provide breaks or time for lunch for some workers.  

The complaints that initiated the investigation came from a Spanish-speaking worker who contacted the agency. In response, investigators found 1,600 wage and hour violations. 

Da Yang Seafood will have to pay a fine of $60,000.  

The company did not immediately return a request for comment.  

This is not the first time Da Yang has been fined by the state. In 2015, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality fined Da Yang more than $85,000 for discharging wastewater into the Columbia River.

Following the Da Yang investigation, BOLI opened an investigation for other seafood processing facilities.  

That investigation is ongoing and so far, they uncovered additional wages violations at companies Trident Seafoods and Starvin Marvin’s Seafood.

According to a BOLI spokesperson, Da Yang had the most extensive wage and hour violations uncovered at a seafood facility in the past year.

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