On May 15-17, OPB followed four Oregon families as they lived off their emergency supplies during a series of earthquake drills.

The households that participated were Lincoln City residents Patrick Alexander, Krista Eddy and their son, Quinn; Portland couple Ed and Sara Johnson; Troutdale resident Brook Gowin; and North Portland residents John and Megan Stephens, and their children, Shea and Sadie.

During the weekend, the households were challenged to make meals from their supplies, turn off their utilities and practice evacuation procedures, among other activities.

The Alexanders, one of four families who lived off their emergency supplies for one weekend, faced several challenges. They were especially concerned about how safe their home would be for their son, Quinn, after a natural disaster.

If you missed “Living Off Your Quake Kit,” you can see how the families did:

The “Living Off Your Quake Kit” weekend is part of OPB’s yearlong look at how prepared Oregon is for the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake seismologists believe could strike at any time.

If you’d like to better prepare your own household for a major earthquake, put your Oregon address into OPB’s Aftershock tool. You’ll get a full rundown of what the shaking could be like and how long it could take for basic services to return to your area.

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