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New Census Figures Show Oregon Still On Track For 6th Congressional Seat

Oregon continues to have a strong prospect of gaining a sixth congressional seat after the 2020 Census, according to new population estimates released Wednesday.

Oregon came close to picking up another seat after the last Census in 2010. Since then, strong population growth has solidified Oregon’s chances. The new estimates show that in the last year, it was the 10th-fastest growing state in the country.

The University of Michigan’s Population Research Center shows five states likely to get seats. 

Congress will officially reallocate seats following the 2020 Census. So intervening events, such as an economic upheaval or major natural disaster, could well change current projections.

Oregon, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina are projected to gain one seat, according to the online reapportionment calculator from the University of Michigan. Texas is projected to get two new seats.

At this point, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are projected to each lose a seat. 

Relatively minor population fluctuations could affect whether Minnesota, New York, and West Virginia lose a seat or whether Colorado gains one.

Oregon last gained a congressional seat after the 1980 Census. In the state’s history, it has never lost a seat.

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