Dozens of Oregon school districts continue to fall short of federally monitored goals for students receiving special education services, according to a new federal report.

Oregon uses two key measures to ensure it is meeting federal requirements aimed at mainstreaming students receiving special education. 

One goal is aimed at the majority of special education kids who may learn more comfortably in regular classrooms.

Schools are supposed to serve close to three-quarters of students in special ed in traditional classrooms the vast majority of the time. But the latest special education report card counts 55 districts in Oregon that missed that goal.  

Forty-five Oregon districts missed the other target – meant to limit isolation of students with the most intense needs. Schools shouldn’t have more than a small fraction of students in special ed separated most of the time.

Several large districts missed both those goals — including Salem-Keizer, North Clackamas and Lincoln County.

Beaverton and Portland Public Schools met both of them.