Parts of Northwest Oregon could see some freezing rain and snow Saturday night into Sunday morning.  

In the Portland metro area, any accumulation of ice will most likely occur in Portland’s west hills and east of Interstate205, said Colby Neuman with the National Weather Service in Portland.

“Freezing rain may have a hard time really accumulating on sidewalks and roads, but if people have decks or elevated stairwells, things like that, those tend to ice over first, maybe even a bridge could as well,” said Neuman.

Spots farther west and south in the metro area likely won’t have any ice accumulation.

“Even downtown may struggle to have any accumulation,” he said. “There will possibly be enough to glaze things barely.”  

Out towards Troutdale, he said, could see anywhere between a tenth or two-tenths of an inch of ice.  

“That’s certainly more than possible and probably even likely at this point,” Neuman said.  

Farther east towards the Gorge are where things could get dangerous for travel, he said.  

The western part of the Gorge, from Troutdale to Multnomah Falls will see freezing rain overnight, Neuman said. Areas farther east will see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow.  

“In general travel through the Gorge late Saturday night and Sunday morning I’d say really is discouraged at this point,” Neuman said.