Police say several bunnies were found dead in Cannon Beach last week.

Police say several bunnies were found dead in Cannon Beach last week.

Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB

Police in Cannon Beach are asking for information about the discovery of a half-dozen dead rabbits.

The beach town has a large feral population of rabbits.

And like in Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” the town is split between those who love the bunnies and those who are more sympathetic to the character Mr. McGregor’s worldview: that they are pests who vandalize gardens.

Cannon Beach police issued a statement saying the dead bunnies showed no obvious signs of injuries. And that exams by a veterinarian revealed no sign of hemorrhaging, which would indicate poisoning.

City plans to kill the beach bunnies were rejected earlier this year.

Melodie Chenevert runs a Cannon Beach rabbit fan page on Facebook.

“We don’t know what the cause was but it’s very odd, especially coming on the heels of the controversy. So I think we’re all just waiting and not trying to jump to any conclusions,” said Chenevert.

Police say the rabbit population has become so dense that a disease could have a rapid impact.