The group trying to bring Major League Baseball to Portland wants more time to decide whether a former marine cargo terminal on the Willamette River works for a stadium.  

Organizers with the Portland Diamond Project are extending their due diligence period over the Port of Portland’s Terminal 2 property for another six months. They say they need the additional period to study transportation options at the site just north of the Pearl District.

Baseball advocates are working to show Major League Baseball that Portland is ready for a team, and attempting to position the city to be ready in case an existing franchise chooses to move or the league expands to add more teams.

Diamond Project leaders signed a letter of intent with the Port to develop Terminal 2 with a stadium and a mixed-use development a year ago. The site is large enough for a ballpark, but poses several big logistical challenges. The 53-acre property is zoned for industrial use, something in short supply in the Portland region right now. Thus, changing its classification could be legally tricky. 

The property will also need a significant investment in basic infrastructure, including transportation, for a ballpark to get built. 

This is the Diamond Project’s second extension of its due diligence period. The group will pay the Port $37,500 a month for the extension.