When the Portland Public Schools board voted to revoke the charter for the kindergarten-through-12th-grade Trillium Charter School, parents expressed concern that their children might not be supported at other schools.

In just a couple of months, they will find out. Trillium is closed, and the school’s 151 students have had to look for a new place to get an education.

Most chose their neighborhood schools. Some picked other charters or alternative or focus-option schools.

“We wanted to, as a district, be really helpful to these students and families to find the right fit,” said newly elected PPS Board Chair Amy Kohnstamm.

Kohnstamm presented a report from the district’s charter school office at a board meeting this week.

Ockley Green and Boise-Eliot Humboldt will have the most Trillium students – 13 each. Trillium High School students spread into at least five different high schools. Neighborhood schools will take 101 students, and 43 students will attend other schools.

Kohnstamm said the district gave some special treatment to Trillium students so they could apply or enter the lottery for focus-option schools after deadlines had passed.

Some students will attend Creative Science School, KairosPDX or DaVinci Middle School.

The district estimates about seven students whose families are still figuring out their next move. 

PPS revoked Trillium’s charter in late February, citing academic and financial struggles. 

According to the district, Trillium’s building is likely to be sold to The Ivy School, a charter program. The state-sponsored school already has two locations in Northeast Portland.