People can summon drivers from ride services like Uber through smartphone apps.

People can summon drivers from ride services like Uber through smartphone apps.

Christina Belasco/OPB

The City of Portland has imposed its maximum fine against Uber for lobbying violations.

City elections officer Deborah Scroggin said the ride service company failed to disclose the name and activity of its lobbyist. “I couldn’t say if it was done on purpose,” she said. 

“I could say that we encountered a pattern of non-cooperation and non-compliance up until the end of the investigation when they sent us a letter, detailing more violations that may have occurred.”

Portland City Auditor Mary Hull Caballer says the ride-sharing company failed to disclose that political consultant Mark Weiner was working as a lobbyist on its behalf.

Weiner arranged a secret meeting at his home that included Uber representatives, Mayor Charlie Hales and City Commissioner Steve Novick.

The meeting came as Uber was trying to get the city to change its taxi rules, which eventually happened.

An Uber spokesperson said the company discovered quote: “an internal administrative error” and amended it original lobbying report.

It’s the first time monetary penalties have been issued under the city’s lobbying program. The maximum fine is just $2,000. Uber has said it will pay it.

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