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Vancouver Vying For Top City Hall Title

Vancouver is bracing itself for a city hall showdown. The Southwest Washington town is competing for the national title of the best-looking city hall.

Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver City Hall

Molly Solomon/OPB

The bracket-style tournament started with more than 60 contenders and has been whittled down to the final matchup: Vancouver, Washington, versus Peoria, Illinois.

Vancouver city spokeswoman Carol Bua is getting into the competitive spirit. She’s been snapping selfies of herself in front of the modern downtown building.

“We do have a beautiful city hall, but it’s really about community pride,” said Bua. “We keep saying we’re the last West Coast city in the competition so we feel like we’re representing the whole Pacific Northwest right now, and we’re just super excited about it.”

Voting for the contest, run by the Engaging Local Government Leaders, ends Friday at 9 p.m.

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