You’re working from home. Need something to make you relax? Your kids are browsing for things to watch online. You need much, much better suggestions than what they’re reaching for or maybe you’re seeking nature but still playing it safe at home until coronavirus subsides? We’re all in this together and “Oregon Field Guide” is here for you. Check out these virtual nature tours to get you through the day.

Imagine your first long-distance “bikepacking” adventure.

You love hiking in the mountains but everything has you just a bit more on edge now? Well, cross “pink snow” off your list of anxieties.  It’s not blood and it’s not going to make you ill unless you eat it (but really, would you want to?) Then again, if you are the anxious type, maybe don’t look too closely at what this stuff is actually is made of: 

This story? Pure escapism. Watch fish and feel at peace knowing that Lee Spencer has their backs:

Connecting to others around the globe has an upside. These mini-boats bring kids from across the Pacific together and foster greater understanding of geography.

Remember that time when we were all clamoring to come together by the tens of thousands?  To bond. To share space. To experience a moment of wonder as one group, united. We called it Totality.

You. Alone. In the fresh air and surrounded by mile upon mile of empty, wild sand dunes. Just what the doctor ordered.