Chloe Eudaly, candidate for Portland City Council, position four.

Chloe Eudaly, candidate for Portland City Council, position four.

Courtesy of the Chloe Eudaly campaign

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick will run against bookshop owner Chloe Eudaly in November’s election.

Novick gathered most of the votes in Tuesday night’s primary. But Eudaly managed to beat out architect Stuart Emmons for second place, by about 1,500 votes.

Emmons immediately announced his endorsement of Eudaly.

“Chloe and I share a lot of common ground with affordable housing,” he said. “We both listened to the community. We’re from the community, and that’s what we need on city council. So, go Chloe!”

Speaking the day before she won, Eudaly appeared to be claiming political ground to the left of Novick.

“It’s a challenge to distinguish yourself amongst a group of self-identified liberals to be sure,” she said. “I do think that I’m the most progressive of the bunch. When I voted for Steve Novick a few years ago, I expected him to be more progressive.”

Some votes still need to be counted: those mailed from counties by people traveling during the election and ballots where the signature has been challenged because it doesn’t look like the signature Multnomah County has on record.