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Canada Sends Armed Forces To Help Newfoundlanders Dig Out After Blizzard


In the capital city of St. John's, the snowstorm completely buried cars and caused thousands to lose power. As much as 30 inches of snow fell in some parts of the city.

His Dad Died In A Venezuelan Hospital. What He Saw In The Morgue Still Haunts Him


When this reporter's father died, he accompanied the body as it was taken to the morgue. The grieving son says it was the hardest walk of his life.

Harry And Meghan Are No Longer Working Members Of The Royal Family, Palace Says


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will also stop receiving public funds for royal duties, Buckingham Palace said. Harry, Meghan and Archie will remain "much loved members of my family," the queen said.

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Opinion: American Politics Is Messy. But Here's A Little Global Perspective

NPR's Scott Simon offers some context to America's political chaos by looking at how authoritarian regimes around the world have tightened their grips on power.

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How 'Namaste' Flew Away From Us

"Namaste" has a meaning among Hindi speakers. But in the U.S., the word has been wrangled out of its context and tossed around to mean whatever people want it to.

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A Mayor In Norway's Arctic Looks To China To Reinvent His Frontier Town

Melting ice means ships are plowing along polar lanes, so Rune Rafaelsen wants Chinese investors to help turn the small town of Kirkenes into a major logistics hub. But doubters abound.

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Does The China Trade Deal Move The World Away From Free Trade?

While the new deal with China lowers some trade barriers, it leaves many tariffs in place. And it dictates that China buy more from the U.S., but that has other trading partners worried.


Why Gun Violence Is Surging In Toronto

Last year, more than 760 people were shot. Canada has tighter gun laws than in the U.S., and officials and gun control advocates are trying to figure out why the surge is happening and how to stop it.

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US Says 11 Service Members Were Injured When Iran Attacked Iraqi Base

Eight Americans were taken to Germany and three to Kuwait to receive medical care after Iran's missile strike last week, a Defense Department spokesperson says.

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CDC To Screen For New Strain Of Coronavirus At 3 U.S. Airports

The new strain of coronavirus is from the same family as SARS, but doesn't appear to spread easily between people.


Iran's Ayatollah Slams 'American Clowns' In Rare Friday Prayers Sermon

"These American clowns lie" when they say they stand with the Iranian people, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a large crowd of worshipers in Tehran.

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In China, Birthrate Falls To Lowest Level In 70 Years

China's gross domestic product for 2019 grew by 6.1%. Beijing also announced that its birth rate had fallen to its lowest level since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

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Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines

Fire swept through the canyons where the rare trees had outlived the dinosaurs. For days, the smoke was so thick that no one knew whether the careful plan to protect them had worked.