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In Hong Kong, Moderate And Radical Protesters Join Forces To Avoid Past Divisions


In 2014, Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement was beset by divisions. Now various protest factions are working together. "If either one gets hurt, we feel the other's pain," says a moderate lawmaker.

In 'Tigers Are Not Afraid,' A Dark Fantasy Amid Mexico's Drug War


Director Issa López blends magical realism and horror with the current events of her native country in the story of young Estrella, who meets a street gang of fellow orphan children.

Iranian Oil Tanker Leaves Gibraltar, Despite U.S. Efforts To Keep It Detained


The U.S. alleged that the tanker, which was seized in July, was carrying 2.1 million barrels of crude oil to Syria in violation of an international embargo.

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Violence Returns To Hong Kong As Police Fire Tear Gas And Protesters Fight Back

After a period of peace in Hong Kong, protests on Saturday turned violent. Police fired tear gas at pro-democracy demonstrators who barricaded roads with bamboo and hurled bricks at authorities.

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Trade And Economic Tensions Loom Over G-7 Summit In France

Just before leaving Washington, D.C., Friday, President Trump hiked tariffs on Chinese imports and threatened to force American companies to leave China.


Macron Urges G-7 Members To Put Amazon Fires At Top Of Agenda

In a tweet, the French president called the 2,500 active fires in the Amazon an "international crisis" and urged fellow G7 members to "discuss this emergency first order" at their upcoming summit.

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PHOTOS: The Amazon Rainforest, Ablaze In Brazil

International concern is growing over the rapidly spreading fires that are destroying large swaths of the Amazon rainforest.


Brazilian President Bolsonaro To Send Army To Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires

International pressure has been steadily growing on President Jair Bolsonaro over his handling of the issue. He plans to meet with his ministers on Friday to discuss how to handle the crisis.

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What Do Greenlanders Think Of Trump's Interest In Buying Greenland?

The majority are Inuit. They laugh about it but also take it seriously. One says such talk is "extremely imperialistic and should not be something that we hear world leaders say in 2019."

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Feds Charge 80 People Over Massive Online Fraud Conspiracy

One of the victims is a Japanese woman who sent more than $200,000 to a person she thought was a U.S. service member in Syria, according to the federal complaint.

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Customs Agents Make 'Unusual' Seizure Of Nearly 53,000 Chinese Gun Parts

The illegal stocks, muzzles and other items were intercepted in recent months. "There was no attempt to hide the importation attempt," CPB spokesperson Jaime Ruiz told NPR.

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Putin To Russian Military: 'Prepare A Symmetrical Response' To U.S. Missile Test

His remarks come after a U.S. Defense Department test of a modified Navy Tomahawk cruise missile, and the demise of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between Washington and Moscow.


A Guide To What's Happening In Hong Kong

For months, Hong Kong has been at a boiling point, teeming with protesters and police officers. Here's an overview of what's been going on and why.