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U.S. Marine Helicopter In Okinawa Loses Window Over School


A 10-year-old boy was slightly injured when the object landed. It is the latest incident in the Japanese prefecture that have emboldened calls from locals to close down U.S. military bases there.

Lack Of Genetic Diversity May Have Doomed Tasmanian Tiger, Scientists Say


Although humans are blamed for the extinction of the dog-like Australian marsupial some 80 years ago, researchers say its problems may have started more than 70,000 years ago.

Nephews Of Venezuelan First Lady Sentenced In U.S. Drug Smuggling Case


Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and his cousin Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas received 18 years in prison.

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Flight Team Spruces Up Route Over Germany In Shape Of Giant Christmas Tree

The Airbus A380 team took advantage of a test flight to render the sky-high tidings on Wednesday.


Four Children Killed In School Bus And Train Collision In France

The interior minister said he was "overwhelmed by the tragedy." The bus was filled with adolescents. Many were injured.

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Our 10 Most Popular Global Health And Development Stories Of 2017

From the 455 global health and development stories we posted on our blog in 2017, here are the top 10, ranked by pageviews.


'Why Do You Have This Spy Hysteria?' Putin Asks At Annual News Conference

In this year's edition, the topics ranged from President Trump to Russia's ban from the Winter Olympics.

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2017 OPB Special Coverage Packages

Some stories this year could not be told with just a single article. For its more complex stories, OPB combined resources to curate investigative pieces, cultural phenomena, historic moments and more.


At Least 6,700 Myanmar Rohingya Killed In Single Month, Aid Group Says

Doctors Without Borders conducted field studies in neighboring Bangladesh, where Rohingya Muslims have fled since the beginning of what the U.N. describes as "ethnic cleansing."


Concern Grows In Pakistan Over Cases Of Disappearance

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan counted more than 700 alleged disappearances last year. Since 2001, the group estimates that as many as 10,000 people have gone missing.

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How A Fake Restaurant Became London's Top Spot On TripAdvisor

Vice U.K. writer Oobah Butler created a fake restaurant that became the hottest eatery in London on TripAdvisor. He tells NPR's Scott Simon about how he executed his prank.

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We Regret To Inform You That A British Surgeon Was Branding His Initials On Livers

Simon Bramhall has pleaded guilty to assault in a case that a prosecutor called "without legal precedent." He was burning his initials into human livers during transplant operations.

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Frogs, Fish And Farmers Feel Out Compromise On Deschutes River

With Central Oregon’s booming population growth, water is an increasingly important resource. And on the Upper Deschutes River, scarce water has become a big problem for wildlife and river habitat.