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Song Premiere: Robin Jackson - 'Gospel and Grain'

“Gospel and Grain” is a new song from Portland artist Robin Jackson. He sang and played saxophone in cabaret band Vagabond Opera until the group went on hiatus in 2013. For his second solo release, “Dark Stars,” Jackson has traded Vagabond’s theatrical approach for more intimate songwriting.

“I wrote this song during a time of hardship in my life when I was dealing with chronic insomnia and grief over the loss of a big relationship. I was also tired of writing songs about romantic heartbreak and wanted to write about something else. So I went camping and was reminded again the power that nature has to help me find my center. My dad was a big meditation practitioner and always told me to just get quiet and sit by a tree.  This song is an ode to the church that is nature, and about finding redemption and salvation in the Gospel and the Grain.”

“Dark Stars” will be released Nov. 3. Robin Jackson and the Caravan will play a release show Nov. 11 at The Secret Society.

Robin Jackson Vagabond Opera

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