After 15 years as the host of OPB’s “Morning Edition,” Geoff Norcross will move to become a co-host of OPB’s “All Things Considered” in 2024.

All Things Considered” is the most listened-to, afternoon drive-time, news radio program in the country. Each day, OPB’s Crystal Ligori and Donald Orr – along with NPR’s Ailsa Chang, Juana Summers, Mary Louise Kelly, Ari Shapiro and Scott Detrow – present breaking news and the biggest stories of the day mixed with compelling analysis, insightful commentaries, interviews and special features.

Norcross will officially join the OPB “All Things Considered” team on January 3, with his first day on the air January 23.

He will rotate as co-host with Ligori every two weeks, along with producing original reporting and conversations with community members, newsmakers and OPB reporters.

“I’ve loved being a part of our listeners’ mornings every day for so many years, and it’s been an honor to be a part of this great ‘Morning Edition’ team here,” said Norcross. “I’m really looking forward to this transition of being in the afternoon hosting chair, building on the great work Crystal is doing to report on stories that are important to all of us in the Northwest. Plus, not waking up at 3 a.m. each day will be a welcome change!”

With Norcross moving to afternoon hosting, OPB is embarking on a search for the next “Morning Edition” host and looks forward to introducing a new voice in early 2024. In the meantime, OPB Radio listeners can expect to hear a variety of familiar OPB host voices in the mornings. Additionally, Casey Negreiff will continue to deliver the latest news each day on the program.