It is impossible to visit Astoria without noticing the changed air—the energy, the faces, some new, some not so new—of the creative community.

 Our show taped live at the Liberty Theater, Monday June 15th 2015.

 Our show taped live at the Liberty Theater, Monday June 15th 2015.

Phoebe Flanigan/Oregon Public Broadcasting

But it’s also impossible not to hear the chorus of voices talking about how the city is changing—more people, more galleries, more visitors, more money—good things, but also things that change a tight-knit community.  

We invited three people to come talk to us about how Astoria became a desirable place for makers, and what will be important to preserve as the city moves into a better economic times.

  • Sarah Nebeker - Clatsop County Commissioner, longtime arts advocate. She moved to Clatsop County with her late husband, the artist Royal Nebeker, 45 years ago.
  • Darren Orange - visual artist. Maintains studio space in downtown Astoria.
  • Jack Harris - co-owner of Fort George Brewery, a much-used venue for music and a contributor to the culture life of the city.

We talk about liveability, the cost of living, the draw of the landscape, and more.