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To keep the Deschutes River clean, ‘Two-ply’ goes on ‘Poo Patrol’

For those who have to answer the call of nature while boating down the Deschutes, Jerry Christensen’s work to clean and maintain the bathroom facilities is much appreciated. He’s even become a bit of a local celebrity for his work, earning the nickname “Two-ply.”

Meet the man who makes Oregon sunstones sparkle

Ever wonder what makes gemstone sparkle? It starts with the way a crystal reflects and refracts light. Gemstone cutters must choose a design with the right angles for that stone, so that light passes through, bounces back to the top and catches the eye of the beholder. Karl Ziltener of the Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild shows us how he turns a raw Oregon sunstone into a glittering jewel.

Oregon bonsai creator captures nature in a bowl

After a traditional apprenticeship in Japan, Oregon bonsai professional Ryan Neil is capturing the West's rugged landscape in bonsai form. We follow one tree over the course of a year, as well as venture into the wilderness with Neil to see humanity's relationship with nature through his eyes.


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