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From 'Inky's Great Escape' To Singing Seahorses: Animal Books For The Holidays

From real-life, seaweed-carrying dolphins to fictional singing seahorses, animals in these new books can excite the mind, says anthropologist Barbara J. King.

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Washington Scientist To Auction Naming Rights To New Plant Species

There’s a new plant species in Washington state, but it hasn’t been named yet. And the botanist who discovered it will auction off that opportunity this week.

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Dog Owners Have Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, Swedish Data Suggest

Researchers looked at hospital visits in Sweden's public health care system, and checked them against dog registration records. They found dog owners had lower rates of heart disease.

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Trump Keeps Elephant Trophy Import Ban In Place, For Now

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said hunting programs in those countries can aid conservation efforts. But those who oppose the policy change point to a decline in Zimbabwe's elephant population.

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Why Did The Passenger Pigeon Go Extinct? The Answer Might Lie In Their Toes

Billions of these birds once flew over North America, but the last known passenger pigeon died in 1914. To try to figure out what happened, scientists analyzed DNA from the toes of birds in museums.

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National Zoo Panda Tian Tian Gets Checkup For Weight Loss And Sore Shoulder

Veterinarians performed laser treatment and acupuncture for what they initially thought was a touch of arthritis in the panda's left shoulder.

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Video: An Interspecies Flying Lesson

Gorilla naturalist? Barbara J. King suggests watching this young male gorilla in the Virunga Mountains during his close-up encounter with a baby owl.

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Um, Uh, Huh? Are These Words Clues To Understanding Human Language?

Tiny filler words in human rapid-fire conversation hold the key to understanding how language is unique, according to a new book. But anthropologist Barbara J. King raises some questions.

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The Pigeon Racers Of Indonesia

Racing requires a pair of birds. Pigeons mate for life. The male is the racer and flying to the female is the race. But some Indonesian men love this sport so much, it's blamed for a rise in divorce.

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Is It Time To Catch The Wave Of Rebounding Atlantic Bluefin Tuna?

New England fishers say it's been decades since they've hauled in so many tuna, and some in the industry are urging higher quotas. But some environmental groups fear the population is still imperiled.