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Season 17, Episode 1

Follow innovative performance artists, Boaz Frankel and Phillip Ross who literally pedal to interview their next local celebrity. View Laura Heit's extraordinary installation work as an animator, filmmaker and puppeteer and see how, using only an x-acto knife, James Allen reveals the unexpected art in almost any book.


Oregon Art Beat is OPB's Emmy Award-winning local arts series, entering its 17th season. Art Beat profiles artists, musicians and artisans from around Oregon and the Northwest.

Fall is in the air and it’s time for a brand new season of Oregon Art Beat!  

Come along as artists from all over the state invite us into their studios to share the joy of creative discovery.  

First up this new season - Animator/installation artist Laura Heit's work is shown extensively in museums all over the world, and she lives right here in Portland. Watch book excavator James Allen turn even an old textbook into a work of art, and sit down with the Pedal Powered Talk show – yes, it’s just what it sounds like!  For a sneak preview, check it out here.

Also to come - stories on weaving with a modern twist, glasswork that reveals what’s inside all of us, unexpected dancers – and the art of horror make up!  

It’s all coming up this season on Oregon Art Beat!   Tune in Thursday nights at 8, or join us any time on the web to enjoy full episodes and your favorite segments.

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Creating A Musical: Cuba Libre

October 15, 8 p.m. [OPB TV]

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James Allen, Book Arts

OPB | Oct. 08, 2015

James Allen creates unique book excavations that transform books into sculptures.

Laura Heit

OPB | Oct. 08, 2015

Laura Heit explores big topics of death, destruction and spirits through miniature paper cutouts, shadows, and stop motion animation. 

Pedal Powered Talk Show

OPB | Oct. 08, 2015

The Pedal Powered Talk Show is as entertaining as it is green.

Inside The Art of Grimm

OPB | April 30, 2015

Can't get enough Grimm? Get behind-the-scenes photos, links, interviews, credits and more.

Mary Wells, Paper Mosaic Artist

OPB | April 23, 2015

Mary Wells works with tiny pieces of paper to create pieces that look like paintings - but they're paper mosaics.

Andres Lopera, Conductor and Musical Director

OPB | April 23, 2015

Conductor and musical director Andres Lopera brings his impressive talent and electric style to the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.

Cuba Libre, Part 2

OPB | April 16, 2015

Our revisit and update on ART and Artistic Director, Damaso Rodriguez continuing work on Cuba Libre.

Artist Samantha Wall

OPB | April 16, 2015

Using black ink on white paper, Portland-based Samantha Wall makes art out of shared experiences.

Luz Elena Mendoza

OPB | April 09, 2015

This former lead singer for Y La Bamba has been compared to Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald. 

Intuitive Painter Samyak Yamauchi

OPB | April 09, 2015

Retired teacher, Samyak Yamauchi found a new path - being an intuitive painter. 

Mixed Media Painter, Jill Mayberg

OPB | April 02, 2015

Jill Mayberg paints colorful and whimsical images of animals, often from photographs she takes herself.

Horisuzu, Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artist

OPB | April 02, 2015

The Portland-based artist shares the tradition of Japanese tattooing with his clients. Find out more about the art form, his ongoing apprenticeship, and why he sees himself as a "translator."

On View Now: Living With Glass, Museum of Contemporary Craft

OPB | April 02, 2015

Highlighting Museum of Contemporary Craft’s new exhibition “Living With Glass”, an exhibit that delves into the minds of collectors of glass, what they search for, and what they eventually acquire.

Photographer Owen Carey

OPB | March 20, 2015

Photographer Owen Carey provides promotional and archival photos for Portland theaters, shoots headshots for actors  and creates abstract art photos.

Kevin Irving, Oregon Ballet Theater

OPB | March 20, 2015

Meet the Artistic Director of the Oregon Ballet Theater and find out about his life in and vision for the future of dance.

On View Now: Chihuly Garden and Glass

OPB | March 19, 2015

Take a quick tour of the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle.

On View Now: SOU Schneider Museum of Art

OPB | Feb. 26, 2015

A quick tour around Southern Oregon University's Schneider Museum of Art, as they showcase work from the faculty of the creative arts departments.

Dan Elster, photographer

OPB | Feb. 26, 2015

Dan Elster is an Ashland photographer, who captures dramatic photos of wildlife in Oregon.

Bill Rauch, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

OPB | Feb. 23, 2015

Bill Rauch has been artistic director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival since 2007. On the eve of OSF's 80th year, we catch up with him and get his reflections on his first seven seasons.

On View Now: Geezer Gallery

OPB | Feb. 19, 2015

The Geezer Gallery shows art made by people over sixty years of age.

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