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Parents push for some students to return to school

By Allison Frost (OPB)
Oct. 14, 2020 4:25 p.m.

Broadcast: Wednesday, Oct. 14 & Thursday, Oct. 22

Parents of school children at a demonstration pushing for safe reopening of schools for some students

Parents of school children at a demonstration pushing for safe reopening of schools for some students

Courtesy Clack to School


The challenges of “comprehensive online learning” are proving too great for many parents and prompting some into activism. Groups like Clackamas county’s Clack to School are lobbying Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Department of Education to re-examine what’s possible in the pandemic and provide options for students to return to the classroom, starting with younger students and those with special needs. Jennifer Dale is one of the organizers of the group. She has three children in the Lake Oswego school district, one with Down syndrome.

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