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Seven needles filled with vaccine doses sit on a table next to the gloved hand of a medical worker.

Vaccine updates for Oregonians over 65 and under 12

Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen tells us what a vaccine rollout would look like for youth in this state if it gains approval. We also ask about booster shots for Oregonians over 65.


Server Luis Velez opens a bottle of wine for customers Mary Graf, left, Sophie Mandel and Andy Peraza, right, shown through a sheet of plastic surrounding the table, on Wednesday, October 21 , 2020, at Spinasse on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Oregon economist on inflation concerns

According to an economist with the State of Oregon, inflation is “one of the most interesting economic developments to watch” in both the short and long term.

An illustration shows a person with a clipboard wearing a mask and standing outside a house, while a person on the doorstop of the house does not wear a mask. Three little bubbles float above the head of the person of the doorstep, each showing another person. Words at the top of the image read "COVID-19 contact tracing." A logo in the bottom left says "CDC."

Oregon Public Health Institute responds to COVID-19 through contact tracing

With COVID-19 cases continuing to overwhelm hospitals, an Oregon nonprofit is helping counties up and down the West Coast do an essential job better: contact tracing. The Oregon Public Health Institute launched its Tracing Health program in summer 2020.

A school bus outside a school building.

Bus driver shortage affecting Oregon schools

We hear from the administrator for transportation for the Beaverton School District about what his district is facing and what families should keep in mind during an exceptionally hectic start to the school year.

REBROADCAST: Poet Ross Gay focuses on everyday delights

Perhaps especially in a year like this one, focusing on the small things is important. That’s something poet Ross Gay spent a long time doing for his latest collection of essays, “The Book of Delights.”

A lot of Oregon fishermen had docked their boats in Newport by April 3 because of low seafood prices and uncertain markets during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been a bad year for commercial salmon fishing

We talk to Oregon state Rep. David Gomberg (D, Central Coast) and Mark Newell, owner of Newell Seafoods in Newport, about how bad the last few years have been for salmon fishing off the coast.

Mohammad Noyeem attends an ESL Reading & Writing class at a community college on Jan. 7, 2019.

Clatsop Community College to forgive some student loans

Students at community colleges are getting some relief for education costs incurred during the pandemic, thanks to money from federal relief packages. At Clatsop Community College, students’ financial accounts can include tuition, books and fees. The overall amounts range from a handful of dollars to $7,000.

Americans will spend nearly $60 billion on their pets this year and a lot of that money goes for vet care. Some of those pet meds are contaminating our waters.

Oregon veterinarians struggle through the pandemic

While ICU beds are full and healthcare workers are overworked, they’re not the only ones dealing with an influx of patients. Throughout the state, veterinary hospitals and clinics are facing large amounts of new patients, understaffing and burnout.

Organizations urge donors to be mindful about reuse

Organizations that take in-kind donations are often in the awkward position of declining items that actually belong in the trash. Thrift stores and community centers want gently used items that they can feel good about passing along to new owners.

Portland firefighter looks back on his time in New York after 9/11

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11th, 2001, when terrorists hijacked four planes, killing almost 3,000 people. The attacks reshaped the U. S. Many weren’t sure what to do, but four Portland firefighters were decisive. They quickly made a plan to go to New York to help.

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