Firefighters with Portland Fire and Rescue demonstrate how they would apply fire retardant foam to contain and extinguish an oil train fire.
Anthony Schick / OPB

Fire bureaus trying to mitigate occupational hazards for firefighters

The Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau honored one of its firefighters last week. Lt. Jerry Richardson died of lung cancer after retiring from the bureau where he served 22 years. Firefighters are often exposed to toxic chemicals from smoke, which drives up their cancer risk.

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Helping the helpers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely hard on health care workers. They’re struggling with mental health issues, stress and the complex emotions that go along with treating people who chose not to get vaccinated. We hear from two people who provide support to doctors, nurses and hospital staff.


How youth are coping with anxiety and stress

The COVID-19 pandemic is having dramatic impacts on the well-being of our youth in many ways. School districts are struggling to maintain safe learning environments for their students, staff and teachers. For many young people, the most significant impacts are on their mental health. And even if we’ve turned some corners in the pandemic, the emotional effects linger. We held a live Zoom conversation recently, where we heard directly from students, from mental health professionals, and from participants in a youth support circle.


We listen back to a conversation with the author of “Let the Great World Spin” and “Transatlantic.” We spoke to Colum McCann in 2017 about his book “Thirteen Ways of Looking.”

‘Seek You’ delves into American loneliness

Author and illustrator Kristin Radtke started working on a book about loneliness in 2016, four years before a global pandemic made the topic even more pressing and personal for all of us.

The exterior of a brick and stone school building with a grassy lawn out front.

Schools all over Oregon face behavioral challenges

Reynolds Middle School is not alone in facing challenges related to student behavior and delays in social-emotional learning after more than a year of online school.

Scientists say: eat more green crabs

Invasive green crab populations have been growing steadily on the Oregon coast. Green crabs are threatening Dungeness crabs, other sea life and impacting coastal habitats all along the west coast. Scientists say is people want to help, they should eat the invasive crabs!

An adult wearing a mask stands in an empty classroom where tape on the floor marks off distances between student desks.

How ESL students learned online

Learning a new language can already be difficult, but how did going online affect students in English as a second language programs?

Mental Health is written across a chalkboard.

Children’s mental health a ‘national emergency,’ psychiatrists say

COVID-19 continues to impact the mental health of children and youth. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has declared a “national emergency” on children’s mental health, with the pandemic exacerbating many pre-existing challenges.

Study by Oregon State researchers suggests water birth is a safe option

For people with healthy, low-risk pregnancies, water births are associated with better outcomes overall than non-water births. That’s according to Oregon State University researchers who have conducted the largest study of water births to date.

A man sitting alone at a table looks out a window.

Call to Mind Live: How youth are coping with anxiety and stress

As educators struggle to maintain safe learning environments, many of the emotional effects of the pandemic are still ongoing. For some, the stress of uncertainty is compounded by the return to in-person learning and the weight of academic expectations. Add in the larger concerns about climate change and the politically divisive atmosphere, and you get what could be called an anxious generation.

The 54-unit Woodwind Apartments in Albany, Ore., sits on the site of a 22-unit mobile home park. The complex was built in 2015 by Innovative Housing, Inc., which develops housing for low-income families.

Oregon will halt rental assistance program Dec. 1

The state of Oregon is halting its rental assistance program, despite receiving thousands of applications weekly from people seeking the state’s help to stay in their homes as winter approaches.

Oregon’s Miss Juneteenth wins national title

Aceia “Ace” Spade began pageantry at the age of 3. While she is originally from Alabama, she moved to Eugene and at 15 was crowned Oregon’s Miss Juneteenth.

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