Joe Sacco

Graphic Journalist Joe Sacco’s new book depicts indigenous life in the North

Portland-based comics journalist Joe Sacco’s new book is an emotionally complex and historically informed portrait of the Dene First Nation people, the indigenous subarctic communities that have lived in what is now known as Canada's Northwest Territories for thousands of years. “Paying the Land” tells how economic and cultural colonialism and residential schools nearly destroyed the Dene’s ancient way of life. It also chronicles the impacts of mining, drilling and fracking, along with climate change on the land and people.

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Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout for teachers and older Oregonians

As Oregon continues to roll out vaccinations for health care workers and nursing home residents and staff, the Oregon Health Authority is gearing up to distribute vaccines to the next group on their priority list: K-12 education workers. Oregon’s teachers, campus staff and bus drivers are all next in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of Gov. Kate Brown’s Feb. 15 goal to get students back into schools. But they’ll be ahead of thousands of home-based Oregonians over the age of 65.


A sign on the front door makes it clear what kind of home this is.

At Home With Recovery

The Thurston Creek Oxford House is an intentional living facility for recovering addicts and is one of over 200 Oxford Houses in Oregon.

Three candidates are in the running for Portland Community College president.

Enrollment at Oregon’s community colleges fell in 2020

College enrollment is declining across Oregon. Community colleges have been hit the hardest, with an overall 23% enrollment decline, compared to a 3.8% decline across all institutions. This could spell lasting consequences for both the colleges and students.

Traffic fatalities in Portland last year reached highest level since 1996

Fifty-four people died due to traffic collisions on Portland’s streets in 2020, surpassing 2019’s count. There haven’t been that many traffic fatalities in the city in 24 years. There's historically a pattern of reduced driving and traffic deaths during recessions, but 2020 bucked that trend. Portland Bureau of Transportation Public Information Officer Dylan Rivera joins us to discuss the increased number of traffic fatalities last year.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s second term in office

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was narrowly reelected for a second term in office in a runoff election in November. Wheeler is the first mayor since Vera Katz who will serve consecutive terms as mayor of Portland. He’s recently pledged a tougher stance on people who commit violence and vandalism at protests following demonstrations on New Years Eve. We check in with Wheeler about his plans and goals for his second term in office.

Oregon City police hire a behavioral health specialist

Oregon City police now have the option of calling a behavioral health specialist when they encounter someone experiencing a mental-health crisis. Valentina Muggia started the job a few weeks ago, but she’s spent the last five years working with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in a similar position.

Scientists warn of climate emergency

Last year, researchers at Oregon State University led a group of 11,000 scientists worldwide to declare a climate emergency. This week, those same researchers renewed their calls for action.

Investigating Oregon’s industrial logging industry

Logging in Oregon rakes in billions of dollars annually, but an investigation by OPB, The Oregonian/OregonLive and ProPublica found that the state has prioritized corporations over its small logging communities and the environment. OPB reporter Tony Schick fills us in on the investigation.

Tribal EMS rescue serves rural Eastern Oregon

In June 2020, Ron Eagleye Johnny started the Fort McDermitt Tribe EMS Rescue, a government-funded service that is located on the Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone Reservation.

Hillsboro launches city-run internet network

Hillsboro launched its city-funded broadband internet service in December. Over the next decade, Hillsboro plans to expand the project to establish Oregon’s largest publicly run fiber network. We’ll speak with Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway about how rollout is going so far and his vision for HiLight.

The Oregon Employment Department's Unemployment Insurance online claim system, pictured on Friday, April 17, 2020.

Oregon Employment Department prepares to distribute federal COVID-19 relief money

After months of congressional disagreement and a last-minute veto threat from President Donald Trump, the federal government passed a new COVID-19 relief bill in late December. We talk with David Gerstenfeld, interim director of the Oregon Employment Department, about when the new relief money will reach Oregonians.

Portland Book Festival Roundup

Today we bring you selections of three interviews from this year’s Portland Book Festival. Jon Mooallem talked with John Notarianni about his book “This is Chance: The Shaking of an All-American City, A Voice That Held it Together.” Aida Salazar spoke with Jenn Chavez about her book for middle-grade readers, “Land of Cranes.” And Shayla Lawson spoke with Tiffany Camhi about her book of essays, “This is Major.”

Summing up the year’s news

From the pandemic, to racial justice protests, to wildfires, to the election — how have the events of this year changed us? Nkenge Harmon Johnson, Scott Bruun and Christopher McKnight Nichols help us make sense of a very interesting year.

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