A painting of a stand of trees.

"Group of Trees" by Asher Durand via Oregon State University, ca. 1856. A new study from OSU shows that landscape paintings like Durand's could be used to aid historical forest research.

OSU study blends art and science to learn about past landscapes

A new study from Oregon State University shows that some 19th-century landscape paintings are accurate enough to be used by scientists who are researching historical forest systems.

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Portland teachers union could be headed toward a strike

The Portland Association of Teachers’ nearly 4,500 union members are currently working without a contract. The union has been in mediation with Portland Public Schools since late August, and both parties have repeatedly stated they would like to avoid a strike.

A black and white image of a man standing in a western U.S. landscape with a tree and a blurry structure in the background.

New album from Portland artist shines a light on Asian American history

After a deep dive into Asian American history in college, Julian Saporiti founded No-No Boy, a Portland-based music and multimedia project that combines vivid narrative storytelling with Asian American history. Saporiti joins us to play songs from his newest album, “Empire Electric.”

REBROADCAST: Graphic novel tackles life on the Canadian oil sands

Kate Beaton’s newest book is a deeply personal graphic memoir called “Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands" about the time she spent working in the oil industry in Alberta, Canada in the mid-2000s. The book is a brutally honest exploration of class, migration, misogyny, and the culture of her homeland: the island of Cape Breton, in the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia.

Oregon seeks federal approval for basic health plan

Oregon is seeking federal approval for a basic health plan under the Affordable Care Act. We'll hear from the interim director of the Oregon Health Authority to learn more about the plan.

Oregon State Hospital meets compliance with federal order

For the first time in four years, Oregon State Hospital is in compliance with a federal order regarding patient admittance. We'll hear from Disability Rights Oregon on what has changed and their hope for the future.

Artists Repertory Theatre may be down but not out

One of Portland’s most established and storied professional theatres, Artists Repertory Theatre, announced a series of financial setbacks this summer. Aiyana Cunningham, who began her position as managing director shortly before these announcements, joins us to talk about the economic challenges ART and other established arts organizations are facing.

Washington’s Western gray squirrels likely to be moved to ‘endangered’ status

Western gray squirrels are getting harder and harder to find in Washington state. Their habitat is disappearing due to timber harvests, wildfires, land conversion and climate change. We speak with Mary Linders, a wildlife biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife bans coyote hunting contests

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to ban hunting contests for coyotes and other mammals on public lands. We'll hear from someone with the Center for Biological Diversity on the impact this decision could have.

What the labor picture in Oregon looks like right now

Joining us to talk about the myriad factors affecting Oregon’s labor force is Mark Brenner, co-director of the Labor Education and Research Center at the University of Oregon.

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