XXX Jacobs feels safe skating at Oaks Park, April 13, 2021 with all the safety precautions in place. Skating sessions are limited to 50 people, and social-distancing and masks are required.

Indoor masking recommended in 15 Oregon counties

Last week, Multnomah County health officials recommended people start wearing masks inside again. This week, six Oregon counties have reached medium risk levels, triggering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s indoor masking recommendation. Case counts are on the rise, though hospitalization rates are still fairly low. Multnomah County Health Department’s Jennifer Vines joins us for an update.

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Oregonian divers travel across the US finding missing people

What started out as one diver collecting “river treasures” of forgotten phones and iPads has turned into a YouTube channel dedicated to finding missing people. The group, Adventures with Purpose, is a four-man team starring two Oregonians, Jared Leisek and Doug Bishop.

Teachers and students struggle in Portland middle schools

OPB's K-12 education reporter, Elizabeth Miller, joins us to talk about her recent reporting that shows teachers and students are struggling in Portland middle schools after returning to in-person instruction in the fall.

Oregon breweries win at 2022 World Beer Cup

This year’s competition featured more than 10,000 entries from breweries across the globe. Oregon’s breweries took home multiple prizes.

Oregon primary winners and takeaways from key races

We hear from winner's in Tuesday's primary contests and get an update on the Idaho annexation proposal that was voted on yesterday by three Oregon counties.

NW Natural customers could see bills jump 25% in one year

NW Natural provides methane gas to about 2.5 million people in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Regulators approved a 13% rate increase last year, and now the company is asking for a similar hike. If approved, that would mean customers would see their bills rise by about 25% over a one-year period.

Salem-Keizer school district changes honors classes

Like everything else, honors classes in the Salem-Keizer school district were upended during the pandemic. But when students came back into the building, the district took advantage of the opportunity to re-work the way it offers honors classes. Now, instead of separate classes, honors students sit alongside their peers doing “embedded honors.”

A "due to limited supplies" sign is shown on the baby formula shelf at a grocery store.

Formula shortage affects Pacific Northwest families

An Oregon pediatrician says he’s been talking to his patients about practical solutions and counseling them on ignoring judgmental comments on social media about feeding babies with formula. And the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank has been fielding more calls from people interested in donating breast milk due to the nationwide shortage of infant formula, according to its executive director.

Survey shows increase in race-based hate crime and harassment against Asian Oregonians

A series of surveys conducted by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center found a rise in hate crime and harassment incidents against Asian Americans in Oregon. Nearly half of all the Asian Americans surveyed said they heard someone use a racial slur, epithet or degrading language against them or a family member or both. A third of those surveyed reported reducing the amount of time they spend in the community because of a race-based bias incident or hate crime.


Portlander Bill Oakley may be most famous for the joke he wrote about hamburgers in his time writing for the Simpsons. So perhaps it makes sense that he has spent the last year focusing on hamburgers in a different way. He’s been reviewing fast food on Instagram. We listen back to a conversation with Oakley from 2019.

Bend City Council wants to make shelters more accessible

To increase the number of available shelter beds for people experiencing homelessness, the City of Bends is considering amendments to its development laws. These changes would help define three different types of shelters that can be built in the city and make it easier to operate a shelter.

Author Edwidge Danticat on “Everything Inside”

Edwidge Danticat is an award-winning writer of novels, short stories, essays, and memoirs, with a focus on the rich experiences of the Haitian diaspora. Her latest book is the collection of short stories “Everything Inside.”

a woman carries three large buckets filled with blueberries in a field while other workers pick berries in the background.

Study chronicles Oregon farmworkers’ challenges during the pandemic

Researchers from Oregon universities collaborated with advocacy organizations and farmworkers themselves to understand the challenges these essential workers have faced and what policies they want to see changed to improve conditions in the future.

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