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Bill proposes state pay Salem for use of city services

The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would make state agencies pay roughly $6 million a year to compensate the city of Salem for fire, police and emergency medical services.

Legislators are making changes to Measure 110, not everyone is happy

Oregon Democrats and Republicans appear to have reached agreement to enact jail sentences of up to 180 days for people caught with small amounts of drugs like fentanyl, meth and heroin. Malori Maloney, a staff attorney at the Oregon Justice Resource Center, joins us to explain how she thinks this bill will affect Oregon’s already overburdened criminal justice system.

Report finds queer Portlanders in need of more housing services

A new report from queer services providers in Portland shows the lack of resources for LGBTQ+ Portlanders experiencing homelessness. We'll hear more about the report as well as check-in with the Queer Affinity Village.

A midseason check-in with the Portland Trail Blazers

With just 28 games left in the season, what does the future of the Portland Blazers look like? We'll hear from a Blazers podcaster on his thoughts on what the season has been like so far since Damian Lillard's departure.

Annie Rudwick bikes to work with her daughters.

New Portland city data shows cycling up 5% from 2022

From 2019 to 2022, Portland saw around 35% less cyclers then it normally does, according to the 2022 bike count. Now recent numbers show it's up 5% last year. We'll hear from Bike Portland on what these numbers say about the overall cycling trends in the city.

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