Turkeys at Rainshadow Organics will soon be headed for Thanksgiving dinner tables.
Sage Van Wing / OPB

Comfort foods may help us through this strange holiday season

For many people, this holiday season may be quite different from usual. Large family gatherings may be off the table, but your favorite foods are still there to provide consolation. What foods do you turn to for comfort and reassurance? What foods remind you of the people you won’t be able to spend time with this year?

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Multnomah County voters approved preschool for all. Now what?

All 3- and 4-year-olds in Multnomah County will have access to free preschool, as promised by a ballot measure that was overwhelmingly approved by voters. Kimberly Melton is one of the people in charge of working out the mechanics of turning the new tax on high-income earners into preschool for all.

ICU doctor brings medical expertise to Oregon Legislature

Maxine Dexter, a pulmonary and critical care physician in Clackamas County, has been taking care of some of the sickest COVID-19 patients in Oregon since the pandemic began. Dexter is also a state House representative for Oregon’s 33rd district.

Musicians continue to play, struggle financially in the pandemic

Artists in Oregon and throughout the country have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Live music performances and touring, which most musicians previously relied on, have dried up. New state orders to try to bring skyrocketing COVID-19 case rates down mean that for a lot of musicians the struggle that began in March with the full shutdown is far from over.

Klamath Falls equity task force asks city council to declare racism and economic inequity a “societal crisis”

After some tense moments at racial justice protests in Klamath Falls this summer, residents asked the city to form an equity task force. Members of that task force have called on the city council to adopt language stating that racism and economic inequity are a societal crisis in Klamath Falls. Public testimony about that proposal grew heated last week.

REBROADCAST: Murder in the Osage nation

In the 1920s, the Osage were considered the richest people per capita in the world, thanks to oil wells on their land. But in the early 1920s, about two dozen tribal members were killed mysteriously. Author David Grann delves into those deaths and the conspiracy behind them in his book “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the F.B.I.” Host Geoff Norcross spoke with Grann in 2017 in front of an audience at the Portland Book Festival.

REBROADCAST: George Saunders

George Saunders is the author of numerous short story collections, including "Tenth of December," "In Persuasion Nation," and "Pastoralia." His most recent novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo," was a New York Times bestseller and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Saunders has won a Guggenheim, a McArthur, and many other awards. We spoke to him in 2017 in front of an audience at Literary Arts.

REBROADCAST: Isaka Shamsud-Din

Portland artist and activist Isaka Shamsud-Din has captured the lives and histories of African Americans in paintings throughout his life. He draws on his experiences growing up in Portland for his work. His exhibit, "Rock of Ages," is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum. We spoke to him in January 2020.

Novelist Ayad Akhtar explores American identity

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar’s latest novel, “Homeland Elegies,” is a meditation on American identity through the lens of an American son and his immigrant parents. It is also a treatise on American economics, Muslim identity in this country, the power of dreams, and syphilis.

Oregon restaurants prepare for new restrictions

On Wednesday, Oregon will enter a two week period of new restrictions on businesses and social interactions meant to decrease the spread of coronavirus. Restaurants and bars across the state will be limited to take-out service only. We’ll check in with Robert Holmes, the owner of Bob’s Steak N’ Spirits in Nyssa, Oregon, and Carlo Lamagna, owner of Magna restaurant in Portland.

Oregon vintners, growers reeling from COVID-19 restrictions, smoke-affected grapes

New coronavirus shutdown measures will impact Oregon winemakers, many of whom were already struggling to recover from the early shutdowns of their tasting rooms and the public-facing parts of their businesses. Over the summer, grape growers in the vicinity of the Oregon wildfires suffered from what’s known as smoke taint. In some cases, growers have lost buyers altogether.

Graphic Journalist Joe Sacco’s new book depicts indigenous life in the North

Portland-based comics journalist Joe Sacco’s new book is an emotionally complex and historically informed portrait of the Dene First Nation people, the indigenous subarctic communities that have lived in what is now known as Canada's Northwest Territories for thousands of years. “Paying the Land” tells how economic and cultural colonialism and residential schools nearly destroyed the Dene’s ancient way of life. It also chronicles the impacts of mining, drilling and fracking, along with climate change on the land and people.

Oregon group seeks to move rural counties into a new, expanded Idaho

Voters in Jefferson and Union counties just passed measures that will force local officials to consider moving the borders of their counties — and many others — into Idaho. The measure was the work of Move Oregon’s Border, a petition group seeking to move wide swaths of rural Oregon into Idaho, citing similar values and politics.

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