OPB asked all 34 candidates seeking the Republican or Democratic nomination for governor to answer some basic questions about the issues. Below are responses from Amber Richardson, a Republican. These answers have not been edited.

Oregon Republican candidate for governor Amber Richardson.

Oregon Republican candidate for governor Amber Richardson.

Courtesy of Amber Richardson


To start, please give us your name and basic biographical details, including your current position or job, any elected offices you have held and any key facts you would like voters to know about you.

Amber Richardson, Oregonian true and true, grew up in Central Point Oregon. My family is deep rooted in Oregon, if you go to the rose garden in Portland their is a rose there from my family. The Coupe Rose. Pioneers of Oregon!My name is Amber Rose Richardson. I’m not a politician, I’m a patriot stepping up. I’m a medical massage therapist at a chiropractic office. I’ve been at my practice for about 11 years. Over the years of tyranny, destruction of our forest, massive fires, the cartel issues we are being decimated with in our Southern parts of the state I was thinking about running. When the Alameda Fire happened it was the nail in the coffin for me. Kate Brown came down fir 2 minutes for her photo op, she has yet to return. We have been DESTROYED in RURAL OREGON!!!! OUR STATE is DONE!!! NO MORE POLITICIANS PATRIOTS!!!!!! I’m young, 37, I have a lot of grit and a lot of grace! but I have a BACKBONE!!! we need BACKBONE. I can do that, I’ve had to do that to survive in this state already. The time is now.

Why should you be Oregon’s next governor?

Because I’m the change Oregon needs. I’m not a politician, I’m patriot. The state does not want a hard working middle class worker in office. I will know how to budget, because that is how I live, I will understand what people really need. I will make the change, so that people wont have to depend on the government, they don’t like that. I can actually make it so people don’t have to depend so much!!! the bureaucrats want to stay rich. They won’t with me. That is why they have censored me. I wont even be in the pamphlet this year, that is a long story. A vote for me, is a vote for " we the people”

What do you think is the most pressing challenge facing Oregon today?

Everything/Energy/Crime/ Forest/ Education/ Our State is left in shambles after Kate Brown and the establishment

What is your proposed solution to that problem? Please be specific.

1. Utilize Great State Resources we live in 2022

Do you believe human beings are playing a part in rising temperatures?


Do you think Oregon should take additional steps to address climate change? If so, what are some specific efforts you’d undertake or push for as governor?


Oregon has experienced a high number of severe wildfires in recent years. What role should state government play in wildfire response?

Bring our logging industry back, stop giving our land to the federal government. States, and county’s manage their land!!! The more you allow federalization of the our lands the more they are less managed. They get lit on fire and we suffer greatly. We are not planting properly, not the way we used, not as much and not the same seasons. Our forest our so miss managed on so many levels its disgusting. Even the trees they are logging are not even close, to what they used to be. They have allowed destruction in our forest!!

Parts of Oregon now routinely face drought conditions. What role should state government play in preventing and responding to droughts?

More reservoirs


Rain water collection in our business in our business industries with kick back tax breaks. They give it to our farmers!! Its common sense

Hydro technology!!

We need to start utilizing resources that we have and still respecting our nature!! It can be done!! ITS 2022!!! we know how to Engineer!!!!

Do you support the use of body cameras by police officers to record their interactions with the public? Please explain why or why not.

Yes, the use is for safety, in the state of Oregon especially now. The police need this.

President Joe Biden signaled in his State of the Union address that he wants to increase funding for police. Do you agree or disagree?


In surveys, Oregonians on both the right and the left described political extremism as one of the biggest challenges facing the state. Do you agree with them? If yes, please describe the type of extremism that concerns you and what you would do as governor to address it.


The political extremism is perpetuated by the media, by our state, our current elected officials , and many more. What we meed is honest hard working American Patriots stepping up. We need to clean house and a pave waves for future generations. My family didn’t fight wars for freedom so we could throw it away.

In surveys, Oregonians consistently rate homelessness and high housing costs as a major problem facing the state. What role do you believe state government should play in addressing these interconnected problems?

Well it is a major problem, but it seems like the only problem anyone talks about! WE HAVE THE CARTEL!!!! SEX TRAFFICKING!!! WE HAVE MAJOR problems, We have stop enabling the community. Too many freebies. Now these homeless people are human beings and should be treated like human beings. without enabling.

Would you support requiring people experiencing homelessness to stay in shelters if adequate shelter space exists?


Oregon’s high school graduation rate continues to lag behind other states. What are specific actions you would take as governor to improve student performance?

Did not respond

Oregon, like much of the rest of the nation, has a child care crisis. What role should the governor play in this situation, and what are specific steps you would take as governor?

Did not respond

Do public employee unions have too much influence in Oregon? If you answer yes, please tell us which unions in particular concern you.

yes, UNIONS destroy small businesses

As governor, would you support the creation of campaign finance limits in Oregon? If no, please explain why not. If yes, please can us specifics on what limits you would endorse.

Do you believe Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election?


Would you support creation of a sales tax in Oregon?


Do you support the use of tolls to help pay for infrastructure constructions in the Portland region, including a replacement for the Interstate 5 bridge?


If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, would you as governor push for new abortion restrictions in Oregon? If yes, please specify what type of restriction you would propose.

I’m Pro Life and I would adopt abortions measures like Florida, and Texas. Also I would 100 % put the funding back into sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. In the State of Oregon we give zero support or funding to these heinous crimes. They actually budget cut them first and give more criminals support and they do not support victims. Its disgusting.

How would you describe the relationship between rural and urban Oregon today?


What’s one thing you would do as governor to bring rural and urban Oregon together?

What’s the best thing Kate Brown has done as Oregon governor?


What’s the worst thing Kate Brown has done as Oregon governor?


Name another Oregon leader, either current or in the past, whose approach to public policy you admire and why.

Dennis Richardson