Police records shed light on investigation of former West Linn doctor accused of rampant sexual abuse

By Holly Bartholomew (Pamplin Media Group)
Nov. 29, 2022 10:51 p.m.

Pamplin Media Group recently obtained parts of the police report from the investigation of an ex-doctor accused of abusing more than 100 women and children over several decades; records show colleagues had concerns and the county’s preparation for grand jury hearing appeared scattered

As alleged victims of ex-West Linn doctor David Farley passionately plead for Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to take up their case, recently released records from a West Linn Police Department investigation shed new light on a process that ultimately failed to result in grand jury charges against the doctor.

After an investigation that lasted nearly two years, a Clackamas County grand jury decided in September not to indict Farley on criminal charges. The former West Linn doctor still faces sexual abuse allegations from more than 120 of his former patients in a blockbuster civil lawsuit.

The front glass doors with names of doctors who practice at West Linn Family Health Center.

David Farley opened West Linn Family Health Center three decades ago, working there until 2020. Police interviewed current and former employees of the clinic during the investigation.

Holly Bartholomew / Pamplin Media Group

A few weeks after the grand jury decision, 71 of Farley’s former patients, including four minors, sent a letter to Rosenblum assailing West Linn police and the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office and asking her to open her own criminal investigation.

Farley, who opened the West Linn Family Health Clinic three decades ago, allegedly used his position as a doctor to sexually abuse female patients. He also admitted to photographing the breasts and genitals of five underage patients as the Oregon Medical Board investigated the claims against him.

WLPD initially denied Pamplin Media Group’s September public records request for the police report on the case, but eventually complied with a Washington County District Attorney’s Office advisory opinion to release 76 pages of the 1,472-page police report. The rest of the report is undisclosable due to personal privacy exemptions in the public records law.

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