Controversial New Age group closing downtown Ashland storefront

By Roman Battaglia (Jefferson Public Radio)
June 5, 2024 9:14 p.m. Updated: June 6, 2024 4 p.m.
The Haven store in downtown Ashland, Ore., June 3, 2024.

The Haven store in downtown Ashland, Ore., June 3, 2024.

Roman Battaglia / JPR News

A controversial New Age group that recently moved to Ashland appears to be closing its retail store downtown. The group has created curiosity for its secretive spiritual practices.


The duo of Akasha Sananda and Miananda Maitreya Shekinah, known as TwinRay, moved into town back in 2020, purchasing a 96-acre gated estate in the hills north of Ashland. Two years later, the couple opened a boutique store in a prime location downtown. It was called The Haven.

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They quickly gained notoriety in town for selling expensive “bio-jewelry” that claims to “raise the vibration and expand the awareness of its wearer,” massive crystals and various supplements with alleged health benefits.


More recently, they’ve been accused of using psychedelic substances with their spiritual followers.

Some former followers of TwinRay’s teachings have reportedly spent up to $80,000 on cleanses, retreats, jewelry and other products, according to reporting from OPB. They also claim that some who can’t afford the high cost of TwinRay’s retreats have worked at the couple’s estate, answering emails and attending to them.

But, the group’s retail space at 142 E. Main St. was recently put up for lease.

According to the owner of the building, Allen Connolly, the current tenants will be moving out of the space in the next month.

TwinRay did not respond to multiple requests for comment about the future of their New Age store and event space. The couple has also been quiet on social media for months. The latest post on their Instagram page is from late April.

According to Jackson County property records, TwinRay’s Ashland mansion was given back to the previous owners, Neuman Properties, last year, in lieu of foreclosure. That company is owned by Doug Neuman, who also owns two hotels in Ashland. But, the couple still owns a small section of undeveloped land just north of the estate.

Correction: A previous version of this story misstated the number of hotels currently owned by Doug Neuman.